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We help your child have a better future

Clinical Behavior’s goal is for every individual in our ABA program to achieve their maximum potential. Hence, our behavior interventions are focused, intensive, and individualized to meet the unique needs of the child and their family. You will be under the care of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) who will utilize proven and evidence-based methods during the ABA treatment program.

We give every child a chance to have a successful future through the following:

  • Behavior assessment and design of behavior treatment plans
  • Individualized, one-on-one ABA treatment provided in the individual’s home, school, or community setting.
  • Comprehensive curriculum targeting the improvement of communication, socialization, self-help, play, and more
  • Techniques to reduce challenging behaviors
  • Parent training and participation in behavior intervention methods
  • Facilitated socialization opportunities with peers within the community

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